Don’t You Just Love A Bargain?

I do.  So I was really bummed when I checked my email Monday night to find this from my baby bro.

Filene’s Basement in Hyannis is closing.  Damn, damn, damn! 

Whenever we visit the family on the Cape, the Dearly Beloved and I always make a stop at Filene’s Basement.  Yeah, I know it has nothing to do with the store that made the name famous, the store that was a mecca in Boston, the store that saw half-naked women duke it out over bridal gowns.

But I always found something good there, and I don’t even like to shop.  A gorgeous Bulgari tie…Fairway & Greene golf shirts…cashmere pullovers…Tommy Bahama shorts.  Dirt cheap!!! 

And though there are plenty of Connecticut folks on the Cape, I could shop there knowing that chances were slim someone would look at me and say, “What are you doing here?”  I get that a lot at the local Marshalls. 

Hey, I like a bargain as much as anyone else.  And the one place where I actually looked forward to shopping is closing.

Damn, damn, damn!


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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12 Responses to Don’t You Just Love A Bargain?

  1. Remember Ames?

    We called it Amazing Ames because, for some odd reason, if you were looking for something, it seemed they always had it, and at a bargain price.

    No one ever admitted to shopping at Ames, not even me!
    But when they closed, it made life a little tougher out here in the hills…and a little less interesting when it came to browsing for bargains!

  2. Kathryn D. says:

    Hi, Gerry:

    This is completely unrelated to your recent posts.

    Since this is the date in 1953 when a highly unusual twister touched down in Worcester, MA, I was wondering if you have any personal anecdotes of this particular weather event?

    Thank you.

  3. Gerry says:

    I was a Caldor guy, Marsh.

    And I’m afraid not, Kathryn. I was 10 months old.

  4. Gerry:
    Don’t you mean “Caldor’s”!
    (Thats how everyone in Torrington used to pronounce the name!)

  5. Linda says:

    It embarasses my daughters everytime I bring this up, but I loved Caldor and Bradlees. It’s embarrassing even to me to admit I actually bought clothes there that I wore to work! But you could get anything at those stores and still afford to go to lunch or dinner. I miss them. Target and Kohl’s just don’t provide the same wide range of merchandise. I love a bargain – I never pay full price for anything. And to be having this conversation with a couple of guys….priceless!

  6. Wendy says:

    Gerry, my introduction to Jordan Marsh and Filene’s was at Shoppers World in Framingham. What a place that was! Then a friend took me to Filene’s Basement on Dollar Day! That day was worth your life! What bargains to be purchased if you lived long enough to check out and actually wear the treasure you’d found for one dollar! And, in those days, it was not a separate store and “stuff” really was a dollar! Another sweet memory only a few of us will remember…

  7. Gerry says:

    Jordan’s at Shoppers World had a huge domed roof. And that store had everything.

    Plus, there was nothing better than a couple of trips on the merry-go-round while Ma got her sewing stuff at McCrory’s.

  8. TonyC says:

    Caldors, Ames, Bradlees… none of them could hold a candle to that bastion of bargains, E. J. Korvette!

  9. Linda says:

    I just remembered there used to be Kings Department Store back in the 60’s. It was even better than Caldor and Bradlees.

  10. Gerry says:

    I remember Kings. And Zayre. And in Framingham, there was a place called Mammoth Mart. Big elephant sign. Very cool to any 8 year old boy.

  11. Was just thinking of Shoppers World in Framingham the other day as we were shopping at a place in Myrtle Beach that reminded me of it. That was the first mall I ever went to when I was a kid back in the 60s.

    And remember when almost every city had a locally owned department store?

    Hartford had J. Fox
    Holyoke had Steigers
    Northampton had McCallums
    Greenfield had Wilsons
    Atlanta had Rich’s
    Boston had Filene’s
    London had, and still has, Harrods

  12. Of course Harrods is now owned by an Arab. But then again, what isn’t?

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