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Hi everybody, I’m Gerry Brooks.  Before we get to our top story tonight, let’s rev up for the broadcast by taking a big hit of Red Bull, the perfect beverage to keep you sharp as a tack  for the late news.  NBC 30 News at 11, energized by Red Bull!  And now the news…

Joe & Mika, highly caffeinated

Joe & Mika, highly caffeinated

Why not?  “Morning Joe” on MSNBC is now “Morning Joe, brewed by Starbucks,” after the coffee giant ante’d up a reported 10-million dollars for the naming rights to the show.

My knee jerk, traditionalist reaction was one of horror until I remembered that this is nothing new.  As a matter of fact, it’s something old.  Before “The Huntley-Brinkley Report?”   NBC presented “The Camel News Caravan” every night.   And the local news?  Hmmm…does anyone remember the Esso logo sitting on the news desk?

And in another sponsorship coup, the next time we see Diana Taurasi on a WNBA court, she won’t have “Phoenix Mercury” across her chest, but rather, “LifeLock.”  LifeLock is an identity-theft company that has bought the naming rights to the Mercury’s uniforms. 

Man up? Hardly.

Man up? Hardly.

This, again, is nothing new.  When the Red Sox went to Japan last year, they wore a corporate logo patch on their sleeves.  European sports teams have worn the names of title sponsors for years.  The most famous team in the world, Manchester United, parades around as AIG for heaven’s sake.  Poor blokes.

I get it.  I may not like it, but I get it.  I just keep reminding myself times are changing.

I just keep reminding myself times are changing.

I just keep reminding myself times are changing.



LONDON (AP) — Manchester United announced a four-year shirt sponsorship agreement with Chicago-based insurance broker Aon Corp. on Wednesday in what media reports said was worth more than $130 million.

An Aon logo will adorn the United players’ red shirts for four years starting with the 2010-11 season, replacing that of embattled New York-based insurer American International Group Inc.


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5 Responses to Brought To You By…

  1. Hey Gerry…use Dylan’s The Times They are A Changing” for your 11 PM news theme!

    If you can’t beat em..join em!

  2. This was news to me. Corporate logos taking the place of the team name or city on the jerseys? Wow.

    Manchester United was my fave team when I lived in England for two years. Back then the ” product ” they promoted was their rock star like forward, George Best.

    George died young. He must be spinning in his grave about those new jerseys.

  3. Gerry says:

    Georgie might have been OK with Guinness or Johnnie Walker on his jersey (the logo, not the spillage). But AIG? Good grief.

  4. Mike says:

    Gerry, “you ‘da man”

    I hate listening ( watching) the news anymore. But I really, really (sorry Geno) like your blog. (did I say blog?) Keep it going!


  5. Guinness or Johnny Walker on his jersey. I can’t stop laughing! Perfect.

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