Veino Chevrolet

The '63

The '63

That’s where the Brookses of Framingham got a new Bel Air station wagon every three years.  ’57, ’60, and ’63. And then, in ’66, a sedan!  Veino Chevrolet was a small, family-owned dealership downtown.  If I recall correctly, my father felt he got a fair deal and good service, so he was a faithful repeat customer.

Veino is long gone, and many of its successors are about to become memories as well.  Seven of the 789 dealerships Chrysler wants to close are in Connecticut.   G.M. is about to cut a significant number of its dealers.

Car dealers have always gotten a bad rap.  The truth is, many of them are your neighbors, community institutions, the people you go to when you need a little league team sponsored, or a car for drivers’ ed., or a shiny new model for the town parade.

Dealers like the Amarals of Newtown and the Wilsons of Torrington have been part of the fabric of their communities for decades, and they will continue to be:  Amaral for used cars and service;  Wilson also sells Nissans.  But they will no longer sell the cars they made their names with, the cars they sold to your parents and their parents.

I suppose everything must change.  But sometimes it’s sad.


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5 Responses to Veino Chevrolet

  1. Here in NW CT where, over the last ten years we lost two Ford dealerships, two GM dealerships, and a Chrysler dealership…we kept Brewer Brothers in North Canaan..I spoke on-air with long time owner Fred Perkins yesterday…and their letter said they are part of the NEW Chrysler. From New Milford north to Canaan…from Torrington west to Poughkeepsie NY..Brewer Brothers, New Milford VW and Mclean Ford is all thats left in new car dealerships…

    We had very little to close down

  2. Graham says:

    When we moved to Connecticut in 1976 we bought a car from Enfield Chrysler. Since then they have become friends and clients of our business as well. They have been in business for 46 years and plan to continue. But these days loyalty from big biz is just a memory and it’s just too bad. I know it really is time for Chrysler to fail and just fade away and I believe that will happen within a few years, but let’s try to remember the little guys who went down with them and didn’t make the big bucks along the way.

    I for one, plan to be at the dealership to support my friends there the day the sign comes down and celebrate their new beginning.

    Let’s wish all the former dealerships good luck!

  3. Gerry says:

    Marshall, that’s a sad state of affairs…and Graham, I’m with you. Root for their survival one way or another.

  4. Best depiction of a car salesman in a movie: Paul Dooley in ” Breaking Away, ” which was voted one of the most inspirational films of all time. The Dooley character’s most memorable line ( Of many great ones )

    Rebate???!!!! Rebate!!???

    One of my all time fave flicks. Set in a small town in Indiana. But it could have been Connecticut. North Carolina.

    Meanwhile in real life. When I was a kid growing up in my small town, in western Mass., the school superintendent was also a used car salesman.


  5. Gerry says:

    Dooley’s good in everything he does…from sitcom guest shots to the movies. Great character actor.

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