Two Schools Of Thought

This is why students at M.I.T. are different than you and me.  (Unless, of course, you went to M.I.T.)

It’s not so much that M.I.T.’s alpine skiing and pistol teams have been dropped.  It’s how the cuts were oh-so-subtly protested.

“These programs contribute to our ever-precious admissions yield, which in turn contributes to our esteemed public perception and high national ranking,” Ethan Solomon, a second-year student, wrote in an opinion article for The Tech, M.I.T.’s student newspaper.  (New York Times)

MIT students fooling around.

MIT students fooling around.

See?  I don’t even know what an “ever-precious admissions yield” is.  And I’m not going to find out.  Why?  Because I don’t want to. 

I had an uncle who worked at M.I.T.  I never understood much of what he said, but he did get me astronauts’ autographs.  That wouldn’t have been happening if he worked at Framingham State.

And then there’s UConn.  Another Spring Weekend has come and gone.  Here’s the math:

Great weather + 15,000 kids = 100± arrests.   (They don’t teach that at M.I.T.!)

Spring weekend has become a sort of reality show.  Because there was big trouble a few years ago, we all show up with our live trucks and cameras and wait for something to happen.  Usually, drunk kids happen, attracted like moths to the TV lights. 

If it were really a reality show, it would have been canceled a long time ago.  But at least I understand it.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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5 Responses to Two Schools Of Thought

  1. Linda says:

    It’s upsetting the amount of coverage spring weekend at UConn gets. From the Thursday evening broadcast, to Monday morning’s broadcast, there were numerous reports on the number of arrests at UConn. Some of the arrests were newsworthy – like the co-captain of the football team. I was happy to see NBC30 put an emphasis on the fact that the majority of the arrests were not UConn students. That is so important to note. The rural location of UConn and the fact that there is a lot of alcohol available is a magnet for outsiders. The events sanctioned by the school had very tight controls on who could attend and those events were arrest free. When you consider 15,000 people and only 100+ arrests – that really isn’t so bad. Other universities and colleges had more arrests and injuries percentage-wise than UConn. Quinnipiac’s spring weekend has been cancelled because of the number of injuries that occured in the past. UConn has gotton a bad rap for being a party school because there is so much coverage about this one weekend. It would be nice to balance it out with some positive stories – of which there are plenty.

  2. Gerry says:

    Bottom line: the kids had a good time with a minimum of trouble. Good for them.

  3. jim says:

    The missus and I sit and watch the news casts of Spring Weekend and are jealous of those proud parents watching their son or daughter chugging beer like there’s no tomorrow and exclaiming their exuberance for the number 1 and their hope for peace through out the land!I’m not against partying(did a fair share in my college days)but at least my kids stayed out of camera range.

  4. Gerry says:

    Smart kids, Jim.

  5. Didn’t NPR’s Car Talk guys go to MIT? And re The Pontiac. Someone has to give one a Viking Funeral. Lake Michigan would be the ideal body of water. But any pond or lake in Connecticut will do. Long Island Soundwould be a great place for one, too.

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