Brave, Courageous And Bold

O'Brian as Earp

O'Brian as Earp

I see that “Wyatt Earp,” the ’50s TV western, has been released on DVD.  Nothing against Hugh O’Brian, but I don’t need to see the show again.  But the theme song?  Yeah.  I definitely want to hear that again.

The Wyatt Earp theme was an anthem to a man.  It sounds as if The Ken Darby Singers performed it standing at attention, saluting a picture of the lawman himself.

Garner & Kelly

Garner & Kelly

Then there was “Maverick,” starring James Garner and Jack Kelly as Brett and Bart Maverick, as slick a brother act as there ever was, relying more on their mouths than their guns as weapons. 

The Maverick theme song made you want to ride along with those boys, stopping to fleece the local yokels at the saloon card table, flirt with the ladies, then tip your Stetson and move along.

Young Clint

Young Clint

And “Rawhide.”  The only one of the three that wasn’t made into a movie, which is fine by me.  Hugh O’Brian is my Earp, not Kurt Russell.  And James Garner is my Brett, not Mel Gibson.

 “Rawhide” had the king of the TV western themes.   Frankie Laine’s voice put you on the back of a big ‘ol horse, riding the dusty trail with Gil Favor (Eric Fleming) and Rowdy Yates (Clint Eastwood).  

Too bad network TV theme songs went the way of the Western.  Now, they want to grab you as quickly as possible so you won’t pick up the remote during a theme song. 

But you’re smarter than that.


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5 Responses to Brave, Courageous And Bold

  1. Yeah. And not just westerns. Peter Gunn theme.Damn good jazz. Route 66 theme. And years later the Twin Peaks music. But you’re right. Rawhide. The best.

  2. Gerry says:

    I have the Twin Peaks theme on my iPod. Also St. Elsewhere, Hill St. Blues, and Cheers (Gary Portnoy’s greatest hit).

  3. I’m guessing Chicago Hope and ThirtySomething had pretty good themes. Sad songs.

  4. about the theme to Blazing Saddles!
    Frankie Laine sang it, (as he had so many other western movie theme songs)…

  5. hhc1 says:

    Ah Yes Wyatt Earp and how about Bat Masterson?

    My favorite TV Western but not really a Western was “The Wild Wild West.”

    And I still whistle the theme song from it from time to time.

    Campy but cool

    As for shows you watch after awhile and say “UGH I watched this?”

    I call it the “Alice Factor “after the show “Alice” at the time it was probably opposite a show far worse then that show.

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