That Thing Got a Hemi?

From “The More Things Change Department”…

The Chevy Camaro is back, and ready to take on the leaner Ford Mustang

2010 Camaro

2010 Camaro

2010 Mustang

2010 Mustang

Both have their roots in the ’60s models that made them so popular, which is understandable.  Both are 2010 models, which I don’t understand, since it’s only April, 2009.  I know Detroit would love to have 2009 over, but geez…what’s the rush?

Last year, Dodge resurrected the Challenger, and Plymouth would bring back the Barracuda if Plymouth still existed.  (Chrysler products had the hemis.)

And we can all be grateful that American Motors is long gone, because while the Javelin wasn’t all that bad, the Matador was a  nightmare in sheet metal.   And this great nation does not need the second coming of the AMC Matador.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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14 Responses to That Thing Got a Hemi?

  1. Hell, lets go real retro and bring back the Nash…

  2. Gerry says:

    And it went beep, beep, beep.

  3. TonyC says:

    Hey buddy how can I get this car out of second gear?

  4. Kathryn D. says:

    Love the pic….what about the Javelin?

  5. If the journalism thing doesn’t work out, you’d make a great barkeep.

  6. Gerry says:

    Just posing in a tavern in Ireland. They’re keeping a spot warm for me.

  7. That’s a relief. Thought it was taken in your get away from it all space in your basement.

  8. TonyC says:

    With that background, you were my idol for a moment… and word is that that tavern’s actually roped off your barstool in anticipation of your return. Cheers!

  9. Gerry says:

    I hope so. I want to become the man in the picture on the left. (But with a smile.)

  10. Kathryn D. says:

    and I thought the photo was you in your at home man-cave. Leave this one up for awhile!

  11. Keith says:

    Gerry –
    It does seem strange to put a futuristic date, 2010, on such retro cars. However, it keeps them young and fresh for residual value. Plus, you’re right. What car maker wants to be associated with 2009!

  12. Peter N says:

    Love the banner pic…is that your basement?
    I hope your weekend will be a great one…it’s a BRUCE night in Hartford, my show number 60 (since ’74). Quite simply, he’s the best. So are you, most of the time.

    I was kidding, Ger.

  13. Gerry says:

    No, it’s a pub in Ireland. I got behind the bar for a pic. Have fun @ Bruce!

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