Shell Game

Does anyone have brand loyalty to gasoline anymore? 

imagesI seem to remember my father pledging allegiance to Gulf No-Nox.  “Makes the car run better.”   Must have been specially formulated to make Chevy Bel Air station wagons run smoother, and keep the kids in the back quieter.

79355786CG002_Shell_AnnouncI ask, because I fill up with Shell.  Why?  Because two stations are near the house, and one is down the street from work.  And before I could find out what Shell “V Power” is,  I noticed today while filling up that Shell is now enriching its gasolines with nitrogen

I suspect Shell is mostly enriching itself.  I don’t understand what nitrogen-enriched gasoline will do for my car, because (a) it doesn’t run any better, and (b) I really don’t care.   I would make more sense to me if Shell enriched its gasoline with Jack Daniel’s. 

esso_tigerI understood when Esso said it would “Put a tiger in your tank.”  A nice, catchy slogan for an auto-obsessed  America of the fifties and sixties. 

But nitrogen?  Can’t you just hear the Shell marketing people saying, “Let’s do something that sounds really good, and nobody will understand.”

OK then.  Good job.  Way to go.   


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7 Responses to Shell Game

  1. Graham says:

    Nitrogin? What for?

    Now I could see the benefit of Hydrogen. Put it in your tank and it’ll lift the car off the road cutting down on tire and road wear. Oh ya, then we would be less aerodynmanic and use more gas………hum, I’ll just stick with that tiger in my tank.

    Less thinking and much more fun. After all, who wants to go home and have your wife say……..hey hydro.

  2. Linda says:

    I used to fill up with only Shell (in the 60’s and 70’s). As a matter of fact, I still use the glasses I would get for free with a fill-up. I have a whole set of juice glasses, tumblers and some weird shaped glass. My adult kids still tell people that the glasses they are drinking out of came from a gas station. Now I strictly use Getty because a mechanic a long time ago told me it was the best gas. Don’t know what made him think that, but I don’t want to jinx things and use another brand. But maybe if I switch back to Shell, inhaling the fumes might “raise” my spirits and give me a little more get up and go.

  3. Gerry says:

    Ah, classic comments. Love ’em.

    And Linda, nice reminder about the glasses the gas stations used to give away. We used ’em, too.

  4. Dora says:

    I use Shell cuz I shop at Price Choppers and I have been getting my gas for as little as .97 for up to 20 gallons ( I put 15 in car and 5 in a gas can to take home ) . The highest I have paid was $1.97 when is was at about $3.00 a gal. I know nothing about Nitrogin in gas either? My car runs and I save money …..Good enough for me !

  5. Geno says:

    My first car was an Austin Healey 106 and I was told to fuel up with “American” because it contained no lead. I think American became Amoco (or vice versa) and then got merged into non-existence. I’m not sure if the lead-free gas made much of a difference as I was frequently distracted by the small fires caused by the electrical system and the inability of the twin SU carbureters to remain synchronized. Thank God for shop manuals.

  6. Sorry to say my loyalty is with the price!

    But I do love New Jersey where its cheap, and, they pump it for you!

    But they still don’t wash your windows anymore…

  7. One of my pet peeves, something that drives me away from gas stations, is that God awful music they pipe through the pump. Here’s an idea, one that might attract Volvoistas, Avon, Farmington and Litchfield County types. Open a station that pipes Vivaldi, Mozart, etc. through the pump.

    Classical Gas!

    Mozart’s Piano Concerto on Pump 21, in C Minor

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