Freakonomics? I’ll Give You Freakonomics.

"35 what?  MILLION?  I'm on the way!"
“35 what? MILLION? Warm up my car!”

Former UMass coach (he’ll always be former UMass coach to me) John Calipari to Kentucky for 8 years and 35 million dollars?

Why don’t they stop calling it “tuition” and just start calling it “season ticket?”


4/1 update on contract details

$3 million in retention bonuses he’ll get for staying with Kentucky through March 31, 2016, Calipari is in line to receive an average of $4 million a year over the eight years.

The deal also gives Calipari:

— Two “late model, quality automobiles,” plus mileage.

— Membership in a country club of his choice, including monthly dues and initiation fees.

— 20 prime “lower-level” season tickets to UK home games.

— Eight tickets for each UK home football game.

— Hundreds of thousands of dollars in incentives for reaching certain milestones, such as a 75 percent graduation rate or better ($50,000), winning the Southeastern Conference ($50,000), winning the SEC tournament ($50,000), making the NCAA tournament round of 16 ($100,000), making the Final Four ($175,000), or winning the national title ($375,000).

— the right to income from conducting basketball camps using UK facilities.


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5 Responses to Freakonomics? I’ll Give You Freakonomics.

  1. Linda says:

    When is the insanity going to stop! Actors, singers, athletes, CEOs – why do they get paid so much? Who could possibly need that much money? How many homes, cars, shoes do you need to have? When/how did these outrageous salaries start? The dollar figures that have been out in the media lately with salaries and bail outs – it’s just crazy!

  2. TonyC says:

    When will all this madness end so the REALLY high salaries finally can be paid to local news anchors and the readers of their blogs!

  3. Gerry says:

    Linda, if the guy was going to cure cancer I’d be all for it. Until then, I think we can both agree with Tony C.

  4. Ryan T. says:

    I wonder if he will tattoo “Refuse to Lose” on the blue and white Kentucky shorts…….

  5. Cathy says:

    WOW!! 35 MILLION? Is he really THAT good a coach? Calhoun must be foaming at the mouth on those numbers.And our great state of Ct is reeling because we pay him over a million??

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