Here’s why newspapers can’t die.  A nice piece of reporting in the Courant by Mark Spencer on the latest Facebook fiasco.

As everybody, including NBC30, reported, a Glastonbury couple faces charges, after letting teenagers party (drink) in their home.  They tried to do it in what they saw as a responsible manner.  But pictures ended up on Facebook.  Busted!

"Hey, I've got a great idea.  Let's put this on Facebook!"

"Hey, I've got a great idea. Let's put this on Facebook!"

Headlined “Parents Face A New Reality,”  Spencer really brought home the digital mindset of  those who don’t think twice about posting their lives on Facebook.

Annie Vaughn, a Trinity College freshman from Los Angeles, said when her friends are getting dressed for a night out, they may consider what will look good on Facebook. 

“You go out at night kind of expecting the night to be documented,” Vaughn said.   (Hartford Courant)

Wow, wow, wow. (Yes, the triple wow.)  That’s a concept that is foreign to every fiber of my being.  As I’ve said before, thank heaven this stuff wasn’t around “back in the day.”  (Some of us might have finished serving parole by now.)

The teenagers who attended the Glastonbury party may have anticipated it would end up on the Internet, but the adults involved may not have seen it coming.

“For parents, the question is, ‘Why would you put that on the Internet?'”   (Vanessa) Van Petten said. “For teenagers it’s, ‘Why wouldn’t I?'”   (Hartford Courant)

To which my father would undoubtedly say, “Because if you do, I’ll kill you.”  (A line we always found very effective.) 

You can find Spencer’s reporting on-line, but I find I don’t linger over articles on web sites as I do over coffee and the paper.  Quotes like those seem to jump out when you have the paper in your hand.   There’s still nothing like fondling the hard copy.  (Sounds filthy, doesn’t it?)


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  1. Cathy says:

    I know exactly what your saying about “back in the day” and yes alot of us would be out on parole..that just made me laugh out loud…to think of some of the things I did as a teen and having it show up on Facebook, makes me cringe at the thought,but I’m older and wiser,and yes,I too have a Facebook page{so does alot of my friends my age},but the difference between myself and alot of users,is they don’t use their heads-anything goes…Anything and Everything.

    Maybe I should find my Polaroids…Yikes!

  2. Joan says:

    Fortunately, the Courant article was what it took for the 20 year old I’ve been hounding about the risks he is taking posting certain things on FB to wake the hell up. He even posted to all his friends to read the Courant article. May be the first time some of those kids read the Courant unfortunately, but yes Gerry, we need newspapers and I’m very glad we didn’t have FB “back in the day.”

  3. Victoria says:

    The problem with some parents are, they feel the need to be friends with their children. They want to be cool too!! And that’s not smart parenting at all. GROW UP!!!

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