It was one line in small print in the “Transactions” column.

SAN FRANCISCO — Waived OF Dave Roberts.

Dave Roberts.   The man whose stolen base turned Boston’s fortunes around in the 2004 playoff series against the Yankees.  Check the stats.  He appeared in 3 playoff games for the Sox.  Zero at-bats.  One stolen base.  His career may be over, but that one stolen base ensured he will be a folk hero forever to Red Sox fans.

The Moment

The Moment

Roberts’ release reminded me of the finest column I read at the end of  that wonderful October.  Millions of words were written, but I thought Leigh Montville’s (of the New Haven Montvilles and UConn) words were downright spiritual.

Here it is.


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5 Responses to ONCE A HERO…

  1. hendu says:

    Long live Dave Roberts. The antithesis to the Steamer. Prob the biggest and most clutch stolen base in baseball history and it happened when everyone knew he was going. A moment every Red Sox fan should remember and a moment that should earn him a free meal in any restaurant in New England(except for fairfield county, still a strong Yankee stronghold)

  2. joan says:

    why did reading this post make me cry? and “hendu,” no need to diss the Steamer or any past player to give the man who made 2004 possible his duly deserved props.

    gerry, you know that magical night in 2004 when it all really, finally happened was your wife’s and my b’day…
    still the best birthday present EVER.

  3. Gerry says:

    Hence, the date at the top.

  4. Donnie Baseball says:

    The real tide turner was Mo walking Millar. The Roberts steal was then inevitable

  5. WENDY says:


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