Oh Lord of the Puck, I beseech thee to end thy game at a reasonable hour on this night.

Not that I didn’t appreciate the thrilling joust between your Penguins and Red Wings on Monday that produced a triple-overtime match that ended at a quarter to one.  It was a game for the ages.  And really, it’s just fine doing the 11PM news at 12:50AM.   

But on this night, oh Puckmeister, if you could bless the Penguins to win in regulation at, oh, 10:45 EDT, that would be bliss.  After all, the Cup ceremony and celebration is much more fun on a Saturday night. 

And thank you, Dear Keeper of the Biscuit, for starting your games at 8 o’clock.  Your friend the Hoop God is not as benevolent.  So while I’m at it… 

Dear Lord of the Roundball,  why do you start the NBA Finals games at 9, effectively keeping the younger set from seeing the Big 3 and Kobe renew the league’s greatest rivalry?

And as long as I’m asking, how did Tom and Giselle get those great seats at the Garden?  And does Jack pay full price for his season ticket at Staples? 

I know, it has everything to do with TV money, and nothing to do with the fans.  Too bad.  I remember when NBC had the NBA finals.  The games ended well after midnight.  We used the extra time to clean the newsroom.  Seriously.   From the light fixtures to the floors.  

Now the NBA is on ABC.  If Ann and Ted need any cleaning tips, they can give us a call.


UPDATE: Wings win!  And we’ll do the 11 at 11, or close to it.  (The power of prayer?)


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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