Once upon a time, there was a place called “The Shaboo.”
The Shaboo Inn, to be precise, in Willimantic.
Opened by a young man named David “Lefty” Foster in 1971…the Shaboo was a music mecca until 1982.
Foster introduced Connecticut to new groups called Aerosmith and The Police. He brought in up-and-comers like Elvis Costello and Bonnie Raitt…and established stars like B.B. King and Count Basie.
And he put together an excellent house band known as The Shaboo All-Stars.
Saturday night at Recreation Park in Willimantic, Foster will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the closing of the Shaboo with a concert.
It will be a fundraiser for emergency services at Windham Hospital.
It’s a good lineup. Jonathan Edwards (“Sunshine,” “Shanty”) opens the show at 5…the James Cotton Blues Band takes the stage at 7…and David Foster and the All-Stars perform just after 8:30.
By the way, they’re no longer the Shaboo All-Stars, they’re the Mohegan Sun All-Stars.
Hey, gotta change with the times.
And the reason I’m flogging this is…I’ve been asked to introduce the All-Stars.
Happy to. Should be fun.
They want me to read a proclamation from the governor before the show.
Isn’t that why ANYONE goes to a folk/blues/pop/rock concert?
To hear, “Whereas… Whereas… Whereas…”?
Don’t worry…we’ll figure out a way to make it fun.
It’s a good deal. Tickets at the gate are just $10, and for a good cause.
Our weather boys say it will be a beautiful night…maybe a bit chilly.
So bring a sweater.
After all, those of us who remember the Shaboo…well, we’re not as young as we used to be.
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  1. John Russo says:

    It burnt down in 1980

  2. John Russo says:

    September 1980. I seen j winter , jb Hutto. The winter show was really bad. He was 2 hours late. I never seen so many fights at a show. Many other bands I seen there. The shaboo. Maybe the old water tower is still there

  3. WWalker says:

    Nope, water tower gone too. In fact the physical spot where Shaboo itself is about 30 feet straight up in the air…many years ago they dug out the hillside where the Shaboo used to be to expand the parking lot for East Brook Mall…

  4. what a horrible firetrap that place was. And exits were chained shut.

    • Kevin L says:

      It was a great place. The chains were taken from the real exit doors shortly after the line outside calmed down. The other doors with chains were not exits.

      • cryptoclearance says:

        They should have been. The place was a firetrap. Whoever torched it at leadt did it when it was empty.


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