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Give Me An Inch

I didn’t have a true Inch Moment this year. There were lots of great times, wonderful people and nice places, but never that one magical moment.  And that’s OK.  Those moments are so very perfect, I don’t think they’re meant … Continue reading

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The subject was moustaches today on Colin McEnroe’s fine radio program, and having perpetrated lip fur on the Connecticut populace for 35 years, I was an honored guest.  Well, maybe not honored, but… My moustache went away in March, 2007. … Continue reading

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Station Identification

Over the years, call letters have largely lost their significance for television and radio stations.  We, for example, are WVIT.  Seldom does someone ask, “How’s everything at ‘VIT?,” and when they do, I’m surprised.  We’ve been called “Channel 30,” “NBC30,” … Continue reading

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NBC 30, aka WKNB, WNBC, WHNB, and WVIT over the years, is now NBC Connecticut HD.  Think of it as a digital bar mitzvah.  And now, we return to our little house at 30 Memory Lane. After spending the better … Continue reading

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This is the house at 24 Stedman St. in Brookline, MA.  I never lived here, but I knew this house from the basement to the attic. This is where my mother grew up.  Where my grandparents, 2 uncles, aunt and … Continue reading

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The arrest of Philadelphia TV news princess Alycia (“I don’t care that you’re a cop, dyke bitch!”) Lane in New York City over the weekend reminds me that one year ago tonight, we were celebrating the career of the Woman … Continue reading

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Merv Griffin’s passing brings back fond memories of WPOP radio. Among an unbelievable cast of characters, I met my wife at WPOP…and I met Joanne Nesti there, too. And what we all had in common before we even got to … Continue reading

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By now, I’ve figured out which friends and family members read this thing, and among them are several people I play golf with. This past weekend, I played with 2 different groups, both near and dear, but every time something … Continue reading

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Time to check out for a few days and turn into a sautéed vegetable. But before I say “see you next week”…a few (OK, more than a few) words about this blogging thing. Being new to this, I’ve been doing … Continue reading

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